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Krider World's Fair Garden Park


Krider World’s Fair Garden: (302 W. Bristol Avenue) The Krider Nursery 1934 World’s Fair exhibit is the genesis of Middlebury’s historical and botanical park and has been restored to reflect the history of the nursery and its effect on the community. Quaint walking paths, iconic structures, botanical gardens, the Quilt Garden exhibit, and historical preservation offer a beautiful backdrop for weddings, photography, and special events. This park serves as a charming rest area for Pumpkinvine Nature Trail users. Facilities include waterfalls and pond, picnic tables, viewing benches, gazebo, and a swing arbor. Acres: 2.4 

Krider Garden Brochure     

Krider Gardens Wedding brochure

Enjoy these YouTube videos about Krider Gardens:

Karen Wesdorp 1: Growing Up in Krider Nursery – The Rocker Story

Karen Wesdorp 2: The Horse Team Story   

Karen Wesdorp 3: Family Fun in Krider Gardens                                                       

Karen Wesdorp 4

Quilt Garden
is one of almost two dozen Quilt Gardens located in seven communities in Northern Indiana Amish Country.  Each Quilt Garden is planted in a unique quilt pattern that changes each year.  
Click here for more details on the Quilt Gardens.

Crossroads Quilt Garden 2016 - Copy                      Garden with a Cause 2016 - Copy             New Gazebo at KriderGarden

       Garden with a Cause was created to honor and support  local causes and charities that help to improve the   
             lives of the people of Middlebury. 

Sunrise Bench       The Sunrise Bench is a replica of the one    used in the Krider Exhibit
         at the Chicago World's fair.

                                                             Water Wheel House-Krider World's Fair Garden Park
                                                                                            The Water Wheel House keeps water circulating in the waterfall and fish pond

The Waterfall             krider2                           krider3
                                                                                                          The Swing Arbor

The Rose Garden        krider4

krider6    Statue of Hebe